For Aries, life is all about new ideas and discoveries. They hate life that is slow and need to be constantly in a fast paced motion. Otherwise, they become miserable and get down on themselves. 

The Signs and Genres of Fiction

  • Aries: Adventure
  • Taurus: Realistic Fiction
  • Gemini: Satire
  • Cancer: Tragedy
  • Leo: Drama
  • Virgo: Mystery
  • Libra: Romance
  • Scorpio: Suspense/Thriller
  • Sagittarius: Comedy
  • Capricorn: Historical Fiction
  • Aquarius: Science Fiction
  • Pisces: Fantasy

Tips on how to Attract The Zodiac Signs


    Aries Zodiac: Don’t over-due the attention. They like a little bit of it but they don’t like to feel smothered. They’re independent people who need a mate, not another parent. Remember that they’re always in charge and they make the rules of the relationship. They like someone who’s into a simple and lasting relationship.

    Taurus Zodiac: It’s hard to impress a Taurus. They can be a little picky and it takes them awhile to get

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